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Commissioning bespoke furniture is a wonderful way to create something unique and beautiful for your home or business.

You may already have a strong vision of how your commission will look or you may prefer to leave this in our experienced hands, either way we are happy to help.

We feel that the first step in commissioning a piece should always be a verbal discussion. Whether this is in the form of a telephone conversation, or preferably a face-to-face chat, it gives both client and maker the opportunity to really connect on ideas, hopes and requirements for the piece.

The type of things that we look to determine about your prospective piece of furniture at this stage are the following:

Functionality – what purpose does it serve?

Dimensions – are there any preferred or required


Timber/Colour & Style preferences – do you have any particular species of timber in mind? Do you have any existing pieces, or a specific design style in your home/workplace that you would like your piece to complement?

Budget – is there a preferred or required budget?

Timescale – do you have a timeframe in mind?


Once these points are covered, it allows us to create sketches/CAD drawings and make scale models to present you with a visual proposal of the design. Changes to all aspects of the design are still welcome at this stage. Once everyone is happy we can begin crafting the piece.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of the work and you will be free to come by our workshop at any time to see your furniture come to life.


If you have any further questions about commissioning a piece please get in touch.​

Alan Nisbet Bespoke Furniture Commission drawing board
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